Take Flight Launches Performance Training Platform for Super Athletes

Take Flight LogoTake Flight, a Silver Spring, MD-based non-profit organization, is working with athletes from a variety of sports to help them reach their uncapped potential. The organization has a firm belief that performance training is there to inspire, motivate, educate, consult and professionally guide athletes to exceed their goals.

Take Flight offers two programs for athletes: FIT and FLIGHT. These programs are being offered for individual and small groups of athletes this year and plans have been made to offer programs for teams in 2018.

Gaining a competitive advantage in sports is essential. Two innovative programs designed to provide competitive advantages for you and your athletes.

FIT – Program for ALL Fitness Levels

Focuses on building an athletic base by strengthening core strength, improving conditioning, improving muscle imbalance, and reduce injury risk through strength training and improving muscle flexibility.

  • FIT can help even beginners take their fitness to new heights make for an enjoyable and challenging experience.
  • FIT can help both men and women take off inches, build lean muscle and trim belly fat and improve overall health and stamina.

FLIGHT – Program for EVERY Athlete

Focuses on explosiveness, lateral speed, change of direction, strength, and sports specific movements. Focus on the strengthening of all major muscles of the body in a functional training manor and performance enhancement.

  • FLIGHT includes sports specific drills that cover everything from dynamic warm-up to vertical jump to first step front and lateral explosiveness.
  • FLIGHT will improve athletes’ performance and reduce the occurrence and severity of injuries.

Every athlete has the potential to become a SUPER ATHLETE.

About Take Flight

Take Flight is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization that was founded in 2009. Our mission is to impact lives and empower communities through education and fitness. Take Flight Programs promote enhanced physical and financial wellness. We provide education and fitness programs for low-income communities. Health is just as important as finances and exercise is the key to longer lasting energy. This is why daily exercise is one of the top habits implemented by some of the world’s most successful people.

Visit Take Flight online http://www.takeflightinc.org/


Contact: Paul Williams

Tel.: (240) 839-1848

Email: paul@takeflightinc.org

Website: http://www.takeflightinc.org

TPF30DAY Fitness Challenge


Fat Loss & Muscle Building Programs

You’ve seen my results over the last few months! Now, let’s work on you! Get ready to change up your current workouts and diet with new exercises and great tasting meal options! I’ll be doing this challenge alongside you the entire way!

What you will learn through this program:

  • What foods to eat to achieve your goals safely while improving your health.
  • How to meal prep to help you be successful on your new lifestyle.
  • Portion control and timing of meals including pre and post workout meals.
  • How to season your meals to make them healthy but tasty.
  • How to properly exercise to achieve faster results.
  • How to properly stretch and recover from workouts.

What you will get with the program:

  • Weekly Grocery list.
  • Four week meal plan with specific portions and timing for am workout or pm workout schedule.
  • 4 week Workout plan with videos.
  • Community Forum to engage with all the #TPFcommitment community.
  • Giveaways and Prizes.

All for less than $1 a day per person!


Let’s Have Fun!

Speed Up Your Metabolism 

Speed Up Your Metabolism “Worst Foods for Metabolism”

First, what exactly is metabolism? Metabolism is the rate at which the human body burns calories. Each and every person has different rates of metabolism based on genetics, exercise, and food. So, what are some foods that slow down our metabolism, increasing the time it takes to burn calories? This article will take a glimpse at three popular food items and explain exactly why these foods decrease metabolism. The ‘why’ will give insight to similar foods to avoid.

Donuts – Breakfast? Not so fast, Donuts are full of three major contributors toward slowing down metabolism – sugar, trans- fat and white flour.

Potato Chips – Potato chips are in the same family as French fries. Potato chips have zero nutritional benefit and help to cause high blood pressure based on the amounts of sodium. Similar to donuts, potato chips are high in trans-fat which cause cholesterol.

Cereal – The Go-to-Meal! Cereal is high in carbohydrates, has very little protein and is high in sugar. One of the major drawbacks for eating foods high in sugar is that is makes us even hungrier than before. Worst time to eat cereal? Before bed.

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