An Untold Story

Being introduced to this product has changed every aspect of my life. 

In May 26, 2014, I was experiencing depression because of many issues in my life. I’ve always been fit even after graduating college, which I attended on an athletic scholarship, but on this day because of all the things going on in my life I was currently 259 pounds had high blood pressure and at risk for diabetes. As I sat in the doctor’s office hearing this news of possible health risk and being told I needed to lose weight I was very scared because I knew people that have lived with diabetes and high blood pressure. 

One day in the gym a man started telling me about how awesome these products from It Works were and how they have helped him and his wife. When I tell you this man was super excited to tell me this, but like my Mom says “I’m from Missouri, the show me state” so I needed to research and see for myself. Two weeks later I ordered ” The Greens On The Go” and ” The It Works Cleanse “, and it was the change of my life. 

After seeing the results of the product I immediately called some friends and told them about the experience and amazing results. It was not until recently I became a distributor of the product, mainly because I didn’t know it was something I could do. 

Today, I am still amazed at seeing the before and after pictures of my clients and watching their confidence rise! As a result, I’ve really started to grow my business and change so many lives. I enjoy being able to change the lives of others all across the country. You can too!

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