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You’ve seen my results over the last few months! Now, let’s work on you! Get ready to change up your current workouts and diet with new exercises and great tasting meal options! I’ll be doing this challenge alongside you the entire way!

What you will learn through this program:

  • What foods to eat to achieve your goals safely while improving your health.
  • How to meal prep to help you be successful on your new lifestyle.
  • Portion control and timing of meals including pre and post workout meals.
  • How to season your meals to make them healthy but tasty.
  • How to properly exercise to achieve faster results.
  • How to properly stretch and recover from workouts.

What you will get with the program:

  • Weekly Grocery list.
  • Four week meal plan with specific portions and timing for am workout or pm workout schedule.
  • 4 week Workout plan with videos.
  • Community Forum to engage with all the #TPFcommitment community.
  • Giveaways and Prizes.

All for less than $1 a day per person!


Let’s Have Fun!

5 Exercises to Avoid

Weighted Torso Twists

Miami fitness pro Jessica Smith, star of the DVD “Walk On: Strength & Balance,” swears off weighted torso twists. “You can do these via a machine at the gym or using a barbell over the shoulders,” says Smith, “but any way you try them, adding that much extra weight to the spine during a rotational movement is terribly unsafe.” Instead, work the obliques with crossover crunches or side crunches.

Behind-the-Neck Pulldowns

This one lands on nearly every “don’t do” list, but it’s an especially important exercise to avoid as you age, says Irv Rubenstein, Ph.D., exercise physiologist and founder of STEPS Fitness in Nashville, Tennessee. Pulling a bar down behind your neck causes excessive shoulder rotation. The move is hard on your shoulders in general, but it’s especially dangerous over age 40 and even more so after 60, when rotator cuff problems often lie beneath the surface waiting to emerge, says Rubenstein. “Instead do pulldowns to the front, stopping at your upper sternum (below your collarbone).”Skullcrushers 

The name makes this triceps move sound more dangerous than it is, but lowering and raising a bar over your head while lying on your back could cause unnecessary stress and inflammation in the elbow joint, says Walker. “I stay away from these, although they’re fairly commonplace in most gyms.” The goal of skullcrushers is to increase the size and strength of the triceps muscle group, but the exercise can cause a ton of stress on your elbow.” Stick with triceps pushdowns or other, lower-risk triceps moves.

Leg Raises for Lower Abs 

Doing leg raises — lying on your back with straight legs and raising them up and down six inches — is a dangerous way to work your lower abs, warns Connecticut exercise physiologist Tom Holland, M.S., CSCS. “The torque on the lower back is insane.” A better alternative: Lie on your back with your lower back pressed into the mat and bend your legs at a 90-degree angle (shins are parallel to the floor). Engage your abs as you stretch your legs out a few inches and pull back in, recommends Holland.

Box Jumps 

Plyometric exercises such as box jumps require a solid strength foundation before attempting them, says exercise physiologist Tom Holland. Doing plyometrics without adequate strength, balance, speed and correct technique can easily result in injury. The National Strength and Conditioning Association suggests attempting lower-body plyometrics such as box jumps only after you are able to perform five repetitions of a squat using 60 percent of your own body weight in five seconds or less. “And if you do them, I recommend jumping up but stepping down,” says Holland.

Salad Challenge

Salad Challenge

The TriPaulFit Blog is issuing a challenge to help us regain and maintain healthy eating habits: A 21 Day Salad Challenge! Starting 2/18/2016 and Ending 3/10/2016. Eat at least 1 salad per day for 21 days. Remember to eat lean proteins, low-fat dressings (or vinaigrette’s), and drink more water as you increase fiber!


Each week a random winner will be selected and will recieve a #STAYCOMMITTED t-shirt. The Ultimate Winner of the #saladchallenge will be chosen based on the honor system and will receive a $50 gift certificate for UnderArmour. So invite your family, friend and/or co-workers to join with you… or join on your own!

*International players welcome. However, prizes will not be shipped international and will instead be gifted as cash prizes sent via PayPal*

Rules: Make sure you post your Salad pics with the hastag #saladchallenge and make sure you tag our page @tripaulfit. The person with a combination of the most tags and shares will win!

Want An Energy Boost?

Want An Energy Boost?If you want to boost your energy, follow these simple steps.

  1. Laugh – A good laugh boosts your immune system, increases your energy and protects from the effects of stress.
  2. Exercise – Once it is no longer cold outside and hibernation season is over, the solution for that winter fatigue is exercise. Those who engage in as few as 20 minutes of low-to-moderate exercise, feel less fatigued and more energized throughout each day.
  3. Healthy Eating – Eat a balanced diet that includes proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Make sure you focus on vegetables, whole grains, and fruit. Also, taking a daily multivitamin will ensure that you get the vitamins and minerals your body needs. 

Speed Up Your Metabolism 

Speed Up Your Metabolism “Worst Foods for Metabolism”

First, what exactly is metabolism? Metabolism is the rate at which the human body burns calories. Each and every person has different rates of metabolism based on genetics, exercise, and food. So, what are some foods that slow down our metabolism, increasing the time it takes to burn calories? This article will take a glimpse at three popular food items and explain exactly why these foods decrease metabolism. The ‘why’ will give insight to similar foods to avoid.

Donuts – Breakfast? Not so fast, Donuts are full of three major contributors toward slowing down metabolism – sugar, trans- fat and white flour.

Potato Chips – Potato chips are in the same family as French fries. Potato chips have zero nutritional benefit and help to cause high blood pressure based on the amounts of sodium. Similar to donuts, potato chips are high in trans-fat which cause cholesterol.

Cereal – The Go-to-Meal! Cereal is high in carbohydrates, has very little protein and is high in sugar. One of the major drawbacks for eating foods high in sugar is that is makes us even hungrier than before. Worst time to eat cereal? Before bed.

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